What A Freelance Web Developer Does

A freelance web developer is a wearer of many hats.

The designer must be able to shift between analytical thought and artistic processes at the drop of a hat, and needs to always thinking in terms of marketing the website. There are a number of issues that the designer must keep in mind at all times, and that makes designing a website, especially from scratch, a challenge. There are a number of puzzle pieces that must be fit together in order to make a successful website, and those pieces must fit together seamlessly for the site to work.

The coding for a site is the hardest part to design.

The HTML for most sites is somewhat easy; it forms the framework onto which all of the rest of the site hangs. The CSS coding becomes the ligaments, connecting all of the individual pages together. Java, JQuery, PHP add some functionality. This coding also allows it to interact with either the server hosting the site or the computer of the visitor, allowing the site a little additional functionality as well as the ability remember some things by using cookies. By combining all of this coding together the programmer is able to create sites that can handle whatever the client needs it to handle.

The website must also look good.

A designer must be able to design a least some of the graphics for the site, even though the client may supply their own graphics for use. There are a number of graphics required to properly use a site, ranging from arrows showing how to navigate the site, as well as how it may work with other sites. If the client has a theme that must be integrated into the site’s design, the designer must be able to integrate that into graphics of the site. The HTML of the site must also look good, especially the tables and frames. All of this requires some artistic talent.

Both of these must be integrated into a coherent whole.

The coding must make the graphics easy to use, just as the graphics must make the coding pop. It gets more interesting when other elements are added, such as the coding for Google Analytics or advertising banners. There are other challenges to coding, such as video, audio, and even Flash elements, and the designer must know how to not only integrate them but make them look good.

However, the website must be able to be integrated into the client’s marketing as well.

This means that there must be buttons for any of the client’s social marketing, and that the site must optimized for search engines. This means that the freelance web developer must be able to look through the website’s code and determine where tags can be added in the code. The search engines will look for that code and use them to decide where the site goes in the archives of the search engines, as well as how relevant it is for those keywords.

This is where it helps to think in terms of marketing.

There are a number of different elements that need to be combined for the search engines to properly place the website. There a number of meta-tags that must be allowed for because most search engines pay special to them; the content on the page must match those tags in order for the site to be given relevance in the search engines, and that relevance is what determines the placement in the search engine rankings. Thus, a good designer must be able to integrate the content on the site well with the chosen meta-tags.

A good designer must also be able to suggest a good marketing plan.

As search engine optimization also implies that the site has visitors, another marker of relevance. As such he must know of various site directories and the most relevant for the website in question. They must also be able to make sure that the site is well-described, as a good description can make or break the site. He must also be able to integrate the site into other marketing materials for the client, such as brochures and social marketing. A website is no longer just an island in the internet sea but the tip of an iceberg.

A good designer must combine all of this into a coherent hole and make it look good.

There are any number of ways to do and a good designer knows a lot of them and is always developing more. He may have templates for most uses, but occasionally finds reason to come up with entirely new designs. He is always learning new things and developing his own skills, especially as the world of the internet force designer to keep up or get ground up. There is no disputing the necessity of a good designer, especially in today’s business world.

Practical Tips for Creating Cool WordPress Websites

   Web technologies are a boon for the web designers and developers, making drag and drop website creation, availability of ready-made plugins and codes, with which any new feature can be added to the website. As an advancement to web 2.0, came many web technology versions. And all of it had one common thing which was the WordPress CMS.

Cool WordPress Websites

WordPress Content Management Systems made it easier for Web masters to manage multiple sites with less time and effort. There are several WordPress themes and templates including high end premium themes are available for free in the Internet. Here are some Practical Tips for Creating Cool WordPress Website,

–  Even by learning few basics of HTML, create the layout of your WordPress site, which is nothing but the CSS – Cascading Style Sheet.

–  List down the various functions and features you would like to have for your site, Create function codes or get functions codes from web for all of it.

–  In the CSS which would be the main sheet, call the functions one by one which you want to execute sequentially

–  Most of the addon features such as Sliders, Light box, widget addition can also obtained using plug-ins and add ons.

–  Else you could also download a free template similar to your expectation and modify it according to your needs.

Features of best web designs

   Having a website can be useful in many ways and a website is incomplete without a good web design that is most suitable to the information which it contains.

Any web design that is not essential a bad one qualified to be good. But that’s just not enough. An ideal web page should feature some classic features to be ranked as winning designs that everybody wants to emulate. Including the following features in your web designs will ensure your visitors appreciate your web design sense.

Features of best web designs

Colors used: The colors used for backgrounds, buttons, texts, columns, headers and such different parts of the web page should not be the same and should be in contrast enabling to gain the reader or user’s attention and making them engaged in the content

Text: The text should be neat ad legible and should not collide with the background and make it unreadable. The textual information should be well put with proper emphasis for important terms and phrases. Using font that matches the relevance of the topic will also help a lot.

Navigation: The navigation buttons should be easily understandable, usable and moreover elegant in looks. They should remain consistent throughout the web page and should make any visitor at ease.

Links: It is important to match the color of the links with the page background or the text to ensure consistency of visual appeal. They should be placed at the right junctures and should not be used to overdo marketing.

Script/design language: The web page should not take forever to load. It should be light and swift on most browsers and should also have the right pixel count for optimized display. And moreover should be designed and developed in the script or language that will use less hosting memory space to accommodate more bandwidth and quick loading.

Overall web design: On the whole a good website should have as many segments and columns to split and contain the information that would make it in a more presentable way.

5 Essential Tips For Optimizing Your E-Commerce Website

   Two things that drive the online market are the E-commerce websites and Merchandizing services such as pay pal, payoneer and the like. As businesses spend so much of money, effort and time in getting a good e-commerce site, if the website is not optimized well for good User Interface and User experience, then the whole effort of having an e-commerce website goes in vain.

Optimizing Your E-Commerce Website

Here are 5 essential tips for E-commerce website, web masters and web designers for optimizing their e-commerce websites,

– The website should use the latest responsive layout web design for better user navigation and attention grabbing and categorize products accordingly and searching within site should be easier.

– Use high quality images with file formats and extensions that will hold less memory space, this increases speed of page load and website performance.

– Best merchant services integration, using Verisign and SSL certificates and 3 tier login for secured transactions for better reputation with Search engines and users.

– Ensure using relevant SEO keywords for the products and services you offer and these should go into meta tags and product meta description

– Create your own product description for unique content; get your product reviewed by leading reviewers and get good ratings from rating websites.

Responsive Web Design – A Tool You Can’t Afford to Ignore

   Internet is the virtual world where we spend most of our time in a day and this internet is nothing but a platform of millions of websites. And as websites run the internet, the value of a web site is decided by various factors such as good web hosting with up to 99.99% uptime to make the website available to any user looking up to it, a good bandwidth to occupy when many users are browsing it online, an attractive web design to grab the attention of the user, a good content well presented to engage the user and a regular data updating to make people subscribe and stay tuned to website to ensure regular traffic.

Responsive Web Design

As stated above, web design plays the part of attracting more traffic and user attention, the latest in web designing techniques are the Responsive Web Design, like said it is a concept web masters Can’t Afford to Ignore, as it enables a better User Interface making easier user interaction with the website.

The responsiveness of the website layout and design provides more optimal searching and viewing information experience for the users. There are many guides, codes, tools, templates and plugins available that can aid the web designer to implement this latest feature to their websites.

Facts About PHP Web Hosting

   PHP scripting language is one of the elements of web technologies which are most widely used for more than 2 million websites. Apart from being a scripting language PHP – Hypertext Pre Processor, has been used for developing Content Management System. And on the other hand, PHP is also used for web hosting.

PHP Web Hosting

There are different types of web hosting such as Windows, Linux and the like based on the operating system platform they use. One of such web hosting is the PHP script based web hosting. This is a widely used hosting but least is known about it, here are facts about PHP hosting,

–  PHP web hosting can be used for both linux and windows hosting and this makes it the most suitable hosting which allows you to choose between any platform

–  PHP is best scripting language when it comes to Data base connectivity and accessibility

–  As it is an open source script, any developer or tech geek with a passion for creativity through scripts can explore and customize it for their web needs

–  Maximum security possible with PHP hosting as leading companies in market use them to explore and upgrade their information security using this.

Online Marketing Strategies That Work in 2015

   There are many advantages in buying products and services online such as it saves time, saves so much of effort, you can read multiple reviews and choose a product, get good discounts and offers and above all you can ensure that you are buying at the lowest price possible.

To tap this market potential, businesses have been adopting and trying several new marketing strategies online, however only a few were successful in the past, likewise here are online Marketing Strategies that work in 2015,

Online Marketing Strategies

– Both Company branding and Products or Service Imaging content will be the best strategy that will work and this needs to be done using Videos and Photos on the effectiveness and quality of products or services offered and Company’s reputation

– Next will be promoting this content in web through Social media’s where the target audience needs to be engaged in discussions and sharing of information of products,

– More diversified audience needs to be targeted, as online market enables user from any place to buy a product when shipped in a secured way

– Smaller and lesser quantities of products or services in different ranges need to be promoted, as this will make users to try them at least once.

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Tips for Creating Videos to Boost Brand Awareness

   The best medium for awareness creation is the Internet, because these days’ people have started reducing their habit of reading newspapers or magazines or watching TV or listening to radio, and these platforms have become outdated with lesser scope and opportunities for innovation and creativity. With internet, newer technologies people can express their creativity to the core. And when it comes to marketing or creating brand awareness through internet, a good video focusing on this concept is the best one, as a good video can market itself virally as people tend to share things that will interest everyone quickly and more.

Tips for Creating Videos to Boost Brand Awareness

Here are few tips for creating videos to boost brand awareness,

–  Come up with an interesting and user engaging theme, which is capable of grabbing attention of a viewer instantly, hence the first image or slide or screen of the video is important

–  Keep the length of the video short so that people may not get bored, and from the middle to the end the message should be conveyed clearly

–  Video should be of high quality and should of format that takes less memory to run, in that viewers will see a smooth streaming of content

–  Video can contain special effects like animation media for more likability

Top reasons to use WordPress for your Blogging and Website

   As the concept of blogging has been in existence for a while there have come up several blogging platforms and when you make a search it should be a little bit tedious task to decide which blogging platform will be really suitable for a blogger who is looking too begin with a new blog and this is the same situation even with bloggers who have a existing blogging platform because whenever a new platform is introduced in the Internet they are confused whether to go with existing one or newer one with several new features included in it.

Top reasons to use WordPress for your Blogging and Website

Below is the list of the most popular reasons why a blogger can go for opting WordPress as a platform for their website:

  • It is the fact that WordPress is an open source platform and that means there are several features that will be done to improve word press every day by web developers across the world and all of them will be available for free or else just for a very nominal price and also since it’s an open source any web developer has the freedom to customize it accordingly to their website needs
  • Also with word press there are newer and several upgradation that will been done every day and new plugins and addons are available to enhance its features and hence you will never feel to switch over to other platforms because your web platform is an old one
  • WordPress is the best content management system that is available as part of the latest web technologies and it is extremely easy to install it and use it for managing your website and it is very user friendly
  • Aabove all wordpress has got some of the amazing themes and templates that are being developed and shared in Internet by web designers and you can get cute wordpress themes 2016 for your website whereby you can find diversified kinds of themes from which you can pick any suitable theme based on the content of your website and the purpose of your website. Availability of such beautiful, attractive and captivating WordPress themes on the web is another biggest advantage with using WordPress.
  • With wordpress optimizing your website for search engines indexing is extremely easy because there are several plugins and Addons available that will make SEO work easy for you and also there are provisions to set up relevant title tags and key words correctly using WordPress which is highly required for content indexing.